Take a bow for our

First Place 

winning piece


Christmas Ballet

Bridget Kachoogian

Congratulations to New Jersey based artist Bridget Kachoogian. A very close race, Bridget won with a total of 1,587 total votes. Bridget may be a first time competition winner here at The Sandbar Art Studio, but not a first time competitor! Bridget is also coincidentally our spotlight artist for the week of 1/3. A round of applause for Bridget's talent, creativity and drive.

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Please allow us up to 24 hours to distribute all prizes, certificates and emails. Each artist placing in the top 10 will be receiving an email to collect information for our news letter & certificate. Thank you to each and all.

Why voting matters to TSAS

Winner is chosen by public vote because...

It's Fair - We understand art is subjective and we want to ensure to our artists that the winner is chosen unbiasedly. After judges score certain criteria, it is up to the voters to decide what appeals to them the most. We also do not limit votes per IP address to ensure winner is not chosen by a contestant who has more followers than the others. It allows artists to contribute votes to their pieces and actively compete no matter the size of their following.

It's Fun- Creating an interactive experience for artists and their loved ones makes the competition all the more fun! We promote an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all ages, opinions and artistic styles. Our website members and followers enjoy taking part just as much as the artists do!

It brings more viewers to each artist.- While voters from all over the world come to vote on their favorite pieces, it brings a larger audience to the displayed art pieces.