With spooky season upon us, we are proud to present this very spooky artist. Take a look at (if you aren't scared!) at these bone chilling works.


Michael Moore

Hampshire, United Kingdom

Meet Michael Moore

Michael was born in September 1958 in South East London and and has lived and worked across the whole of the South of England. He now lives in Hampshire. 

Michael’s process, although digital, requires a lot of technique, skill and aesthetic consideration. Works are built up over time in a multi-layered, composite way often from a dozen or more source images. Like our thoughts the resultant images are partly obscured, intriguing and fleeting, but producing a detailed mosaic that constitutes our reality which is entirely constructed from these thoughts and feelings. For example, as the series progresses, there are pictures within pictures, recursions of his earlier work and similar symbols rearranged. He sees this as a bit like our beliefs and convictions, running in layers over each other, not always invited, seldom controlled, never time bound... Although each work stands alone, they also benefit from being seen as a series, in order to more deeply appreciate this sense of development, progress and emergence. His work expresses a sense of despair that we do not know who we really are or if we even exist outside of our thoughts and feelings; and yet a sense of hope is ever present, that with greater awareness peace is available, but needs searching for and working at.

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Contact Michael

Email: mm270958@icloud.com

Phone: 07850385851

A partial catalogue of recent work can be viewed online at: