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Meet Allison Lee

Lee started painting at 14 while attending art school. Her majors in high school were fashion and textile design. She studied visual arts in college and went on to study audiovisual arts/animation. Her mixed media illustrations especially embody this versatility.She fuels her work with both antagonistic and appeasing motives. Her body of work includes oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media illustrations and even some animation/audio-visual artwork. Having grown up in Belgium, she moved to the US in 2013. Her work has been shown in several galleries all across the United States since then. California, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona were already on her list when she had her first solo exhibit at 9 the gallery, PHX AZ in 2018. In 2019 she had several pieces showing in galleries in Arizona, California, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois. An exciting Dia De Los Muertos Altar at the Phoenix Central Library in October, as well as her first museum piece, in San Jose, CA.

Artist Statement

Duality, is what is in me. Contrasts will always be what I breathe out. I am torn by romanticism and existentialism. My pieces are both seductive and repulsive, filled with symbolism and hidden layers. As unsolvable mysteries they trigger your buried away, subconscious passions and emotions.My art, as eldritch images you can’t escape. Nostalgic, melancholic memories that are popping up in a dream state. Inspired by artists like Christian Boltanski and Anselm Kiefer, my work invites you to stand still and wonder but leaves you with an unnerving sense of urgency. It inspires you to not forget about past challenges, and be appreciative of them in a way, no matter what you've been through. Seeing the beauty in the more challenging times, because it makes us to who we are today, and reminds us of our personal power. Our past, however, doesn't define us. We can change our life for the better, we can live in the moment and choose to think happy thoughts.

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